Nybro friday the 30th of January 2004

Psytrance is the melody for an old rivethead

"It is typical for a trancemusician to be aspiring and creative"

Photo: Henrik Martinsson
The synthmusic has cept up with Kristian Ahlgren as long back as his eight years of age when Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk captured his interest.


Much time, money and involvement can be spent if one have enough interest and urge for something. Kristian Ahlgren began to urge for music already in the age of eight when he started to begin to listen to Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk. Two great bands that has dominated the synthgenre.

Kristian himself has since many years composed music and the dream is to one day be able to make a living from it. But the road to that accomplishment is not easy.
   - They who have succeeded has had an enormous amount of luck, he says.
   But to succeed is not even the maingoal. To create music is so much more.
   - It is incredible fun. One gets kicks out of it.
   It takes many hours, up to fifty to make a single track.
   The synthmusic was the first music who was appreciated by Kristian but in the middle of the nineties when he was at Hultsfredsfestivalen he came in contact with psytrance, it reminds a lot of the synthgenre, but still not.
   Psytrance is only instrumental and built with a massive and dark bassline with many soundloops.
   - It has a massive soundimage, Kristian explains.
   The tracks are melodious, the tempo is high and has a heavy bassline.
   - I was fascinated of how the tracks were built.

Full speed ahead
The psytrance is common on raveparties as it suits perfectly to dance to.
   - It is worthless to go out when they play rnb, hiphop or likewise. It is impossible to dance to. Psytrance on the other hand is perfect, then it is full speed ahead and that I like.
   When we speak of raveparties, Kristian Ahlgren gives the swedish bureaucracy and the attitude towards the parties a boot.
   - The raveparties are heavely counteracted by the swedish police, and that is a shame.
   The problem origins from that there is a common attitude that it circulates a lot of drugs on the parties.
   Kristian is of the opinion that the police is counteracting the parties and that this together with the swedish bureaucracy makes it difficult for youths having problem to arrange parties. Abroad the attitude is totally different.
   - By there they have a much more positive look at theese parties. In Sweden it is much about unawareness. Media has also choosen to write down on theese parties. Instead of trying to understand how this music works.
   This is some of the problems of this musicgenre. Media has not paid it enough of attention means Kristian, and that makes it hard to reach out with the music.
   - It is terrible sad that radio and TV does not pay more of attention to the electronical music and psytrance.
   Kristian himself made a record for a couple of years ago under the name “Evolution spring”, which has been sold in approximately a thousand of copies. This is nothing that makes Kristian rich. He got a buck or so per sold copy. The rest went to the label.
   - Money comes with the livegigs.
   Kristian tells that in Israel the psytrance is a lot more bigger then i Sweden and there are often raveparties. The larger acts has several gigs per week and earns 6450 Euros per gig.
   - That had not been totally wrong, smiles Kristian. He is into a new project called Halosian, which he hopes will emerge in a new record.
   He hopes it can reach the crowed, but from there the road is long to make a living from the music.

Urge for the music
The syntherzeisers are in the bedroom and next to them the computer. Two tools in his equipment which he spends a lot of hours with.
   - It is perfect to have the studio in the bedroom. Here I can sit down when the inspiration comes, even if it is late in the evening.
   It is like when he constructed his homepage. In the morning he woke up and felt inspired and before the night came it was finished and available on the net.
   - It is kind of typical for trancemusicians. To be aspiring and creative. They are often aestheticians aswell.
   That is also what Kristians homesite is about. Plain, of pure style and influences from the musicgenre which he has stucked for.
   Even in his apartment there are signs that tells of his musicinterest. On the walls hangs so called backdrops, colourfull artpaintings as according to Kristian are very common in this type of musicgenre.
   It is typical for thoose who listens to this type of music that they gladly travels far to meet and dance together on parties. Kristian is involved in Nybro synthförening and remember a time when people came through in Nybro.
   - People came from Stockholm, Gothenburg and even Gothland. For only five hours. There is a great fellowship were everybody knows everybody and were everyone has an urge for the same interest.

By: Henrik Martinsson